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20 July 2017

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In our tests, took the DX Racer6 the fourth place. Also like the other two models DX Racer was able to convince us of the DX Racer6 with its black and white, modern style. The sturdy lumbar protection even longer gaming sessions are no longer a problem. The structure is as with all DX Racer cars completed fairly easily and quickly. Some customers complained about the negative criticism that the chair out of the box first strictly smelled, but this disappeared after a few days. Otherwise, the ergonomics, seating comfort and the quality is convincing in this model. In addition, this model is appropriate by the many adjustment and especially for taller people (up to 1.95m).

  • fast and secure shipping through Amazon
  • easy and quick assembly
  • modern and sporty design
  • Backrest, armrest and seat height easily adjustable
  • high comfort and adjustable lumbar protection also allow long working
  • including artificial leather neck and lumbar pillow
  • very good quality and workmanship
  • by many options suitable for any size
  • aluminum five
  • 30 days return policy on Amazon
  • 24-month warranty
  • According to customer reports a odor formation shortly after the construction, but was gone after one airing


[Amazon] DX Racer6 gaming chair Executive armchair 199 € 287 Idealo

gab3 March 21, 2016

Why leatherette is installed at such prices is to me really Schleierhaf ... t! Search also as a chair but to 100kg is a bit too daring me. The problem is that you can retest these chairs with us almost nowhere and buy unseen, no, that I let dear! Less View More

Sorry, no height-adjustable armrests.

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dx racer6

Ernesto666 March 21, 2016

Why leatherette is installed at such prices is to me really Schleierhaf ... t! Search also as a chair but to 100kg is a bit too daring me. The problem is that you can retest these chairs with us almost nowhere and buy unseen, no, that I let dear! Less View More

Lol, well I have for some years, then still for 189, -. Think were the However, this is now something of rum and uncomfortable. Need something new here, the racing style with Bissel lateral support.

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Fl4nk March 21, 2016

"Use in the home office area for 2 -3 hours a day."

but since you have to pause for brief Games.

if it's up and running, I can sit times 6-8h weekend.
(XCOM and Fallout are greeting.)

the MAXNOMIC owners - are these chairs "all day friendly"?

Had me once the MAXNOMIC Dominator envisaged, but am not sure if I just want to sink as EUR 300 without having a trial sat before.
However, I do not want to 4h drive to the office after Vellmar well.

Available here someone in the Stuttgart area, which would leave me for ne box of chocolates sample sit again?

Critical I find the lateral boundaries of the seat at all gamer chairs. Concentrated not the one?
Time should not be too comfortably cross your legs when one expresses as a bump in the leg?

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dx racer6

gab3 March 21, 2016

Does anyone have an idea how that is compared with the next favorable variant b ... ei Amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Topstar-OP290UG20-Syncro-Bandscheiben-Drehstuhl-Deluxe-schwarz/dp/B004Z6PA9G/ref=sr_1_1?ie = = UTF8qid 1458591129sr = 8-1keywords = b% C3% BCrostuhl Out of my specially bzg about quality. Posture and back problems. Less View More

I have in the work - I hate this chair so much. too soft seat - upholstered attitude for my body (large / thin) hardly supportive - generally very uncomfortable. Processing is average.

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wall wart March 21, 2016 1

So I'm 40 but my 9 year old son standing on something like that! What's on the ... Linked better than to something. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Burodrehstuhl-Chefsessel-Burosessel-Drehstuhl-Burostuhl-Schreibtischstuhl-Sessel-/311514231612 less View More

If formula 1 is zockt then determined. In shooters but a disadvantage because you have no air to escape.

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Test: Office chair tried DX Racer6

dx racer6

The beginning of the new year, it was time again for a new office chair and this time he could cost a few euros. I'm talking about but not from 2000 Euro or similar stories, but 299 euros it became this time the bottom line. For that I have bought the DX Racer6 of Roba Lund, a chair rather for gamers thought and in typical form of a sporty car seat. but that's why everything spoke for seats that mark, because in the car I have had dozens of years sport seats and felt so always comfortable. In addition, the DX Racer chairs I have repeatedly recommended.

Assembly, design, quality

In few parts of the DX Racer6 comes home delivered, the assembly is done with the included tool for anyone in minutes. The quality seems to be overall very fine to me, the first impression I had to unpack a high quality product that feeling. Seams and other niceties seem to agree, even after now already 30 days. Deficiencies there are in my view only when the armrests sitting pretty loose and therefore high-lift in a negative sense from the rest of the chair.

dx racer6

Really good like that, however, the design. I found the version with beige and black coolest, that's why I chose this model. After 30 days, nothing has changed, visually makes the DX Racer6 looks very impressive and works almost impressive. This is no different in sports seats in cars, they see through their clearly exposed side bolsters for hips and shoulders as well as their generally very distinctive shape basically for something more out.

dx racer6

DX Racer6 in everyday life

According to Amazon description of the chair for only up to three hours each day home office is expected. Perhaps because the very athletic shape is healthy not necessarily, I do not know unfortunately. I sit on this chair not permanent, an alternative sitting I will introduce later in the blog. Anyway, the DX Racer6 is partly comfortably but to a lesser extent, in turn, but not quite. More equal.

The seat has succeeded, mainly because you can not sit here on a pad that is just on a wooden plate. The construction of this seat is more akin to a mattress on a slatted frame. The seat is almost floating, what I feel personally comfortable and better. You do not sit relatively soft but too soft, which of course is still dependent on your own body weight.

dx racer6

Speaking of the seat surface, through the side cheeks on the thighs one is quite limited, depending on the physique in the own freedom, unlike conventional seats with open sides. This can be bothersome, one is such seats not used to sitting or otherwise rather wide apart. For me it is still okay, but smaller and narrower the seat should not fail (42 cm wide).

dx racer6

The backrest can be adjusted via an easily accessible lever almost like in the car. You can lie down completely thanks to the adjustable backrest or sit completely upright with the seat. As more and I vary depending on the activity, while gambling, I prefer a more comfortable position, at work I sit upright.

dx racer6

They have one disadvantage in which I have chosen model, because who wants to be beautiful, known to suffer. This refers to the imitation leather to which the entire chair is appointed. Not very breathable, which could be a troublesome problem in the summer when you get the 30 ° outside temperature also necessarily in the apartment down.

DX Racer, really cool, of course, when I (following test later) the steering wheel buckle to the table and drive a couple of fast laps in Project Cars. only thing missing is an integrated into the seat Force Feedback. Or are # 8217; s the even?

High enough the way the back is for me with only 1.76 m all, so I can sit back comfortably head sometimes.

Attention over glaring example photo with deep look into the distance:

dx racer6

Not so hot

Really bad the armrests, as mentioned in the introduction wiggle back and forth quite are. The basic framework is indeed made of metal and rock solid, but the plastic cover is too loose. Why quality assurance failed here, I do not, unfortunately, a mystery. Not only that, the height-adjustable armrests have a very uncomfortable surface. Which has a dent into which one should theoretically put their arms. But what man has his arms straight and parallel to each other always perfect? Least of all is that possible when one uses a mouse, keyboard and controller. Thus, the arms will automatically be on the highly placed and very hard outer # 8222; edge # 8220; the armrests, which is unpleasant.

dx racer6

Also is not optimal, the seat height, of which I was quite a bit surprised. Before, I probably should have read out this write other users and what is in the description. Me again. there are only 50 cm in maximum height from the floor to the seat. Up to 3 cm one also loses when you sit in the chair, because the # 8222; pending # 8220; Seat is down a little. So the desk should not be too high, otherwise goes awful lot of ergonomics flutes.

Enclosed were still an optional headrest and lumbar support. Both designed as a kind of cushion that can be attached to the backrest. Not really comfortable, do not see the sense in it.

With a chair where you spend a lot of time, you can damn much right or go wrong. High I feel the DX Racer6 so as quite successful, apart from the crappy armrests. Although the vinyl coating makes her more comfortable but rather the variants with cloth cover should be. Overall, I'm quite happy and feel better than before for sure. A recommendation are the DX Racer seats worth in my opinion.

Now I'm curious how the seat looks after half a year. An update will come.

dx racer6


DX-RACER 6 white Gaming Chair 62506SW5

Office chair DX RACER 6 62506SW5

Gaming chair, black / white, leatherette

load: 100kg
Reference: Synthetic Leather, 100% polyurethane
Color: black / weiЯ
Armrests: yes / hцhenverstellbar
Seat type: Sports seats
Sitztechnik: tilt mechanism
SitzgrцЯe (W x D): 53 x 54cm
Sitzhцhenverstellung: 43 - 52cm
Lehnenhцhe: 82cm
FuЯkreuz: nylon, black
Roles: multifunctional roles closed for all Bцden
others: sports seat with molded flanges (bucket seat), tilt - individually adjustable to the Kцrpergewicht, Rьckenlehne with harness for Hцhenverstellung of Lordosenkissens - to 135 degrees adjustable, steplessly lockable FuЯkreuz weiЯen with anti-slip zones
Delivery: disassembled, including Kopfstьzenpolster and lumbar cushion.

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DX Racer6 Gaming Chair

DX Racer6 # 8211; Review, experience and price comparison

Of the DX Racer6 is the ideal combination of executive chair and gaming chair. Comfort and convenience hard to beat, the 360 ​​° rotating office chair can be flexibly adjusted to personal needs and their own body measurements. For the 43-52 cm infinitely variable seat height and adjustable armrests provide. For the ergonomic seats that tilt up to 135 ° backrest and the tilt function contributes. The approximately 25 kg DX Racer6 convinces with its sporty design and the black and white color scheme. The high-quality product can total score with quality materials and a robust processing.

product details

  • Dimensions: (B x T x H) 74 x 52 x 123-132 cm
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Seat width. 53 cm
  • Seat depth. 45 cm
  • Seat height: 43 # 8211; 52 cm
  • Load capacity: up to 100 kg.
  • References: 100% polyurethane; black-and-white
  • Hub made of 3.5 mm nylon
  • Special features: infinitely adjustable in height; up to 135 ° tilt.

Selected design and robust construction

Of the DX Racer6 Gaming Chair Roba of Lund is already on the product photos an eye-catcher. Its unusual shape and the black and white colors look classy and sporty. According to the manufacturer the chair can be flexible and adapt to your individual needs. An important argument for people who sit or work-related hobby much at the desk. Price default, the executive chair plays in the top league. The product description has made us curious and we wanted to test how comfortable and # 8222; efficient # 8220; the DX Racer6 in practice.

The shipment of the gaming chair directly via Amazon.de. With his usual quickness we could disassembled the DX Racer6 personally hold in their hands. Before sitting and stress test the assembly stood before us. A clear advantage: Additional tool is not necessary for the assembly of the desk chair. A Detailed instructions are included and describes in detail the necessary steps. The screws do not fly around in the packaging, but rather are located directly in the individual parts of the office chair. A bit annoying that you have to detach the screws first. Positive, because one does not have to look expensive and assign the pieces. We have followed the recommendation of the manufacturer and assembled the chair of Roba Lund for two. In less than 15 minutes of gaming chair was fully assembled before us. Installation is simple, even one person creates the assembly without additional help.

The maximum height of DX Racer6 is 132 cm, the width including armrests 74 cm. All functions and individual elements of the executive chair examined by the MOT and removed Service. This is especially true for the gas lift. who is responsible for the continuous and smooth height adjustment.

High-quality materials of the DX Racer6

The first impression of DX Racer6 makes a positive impression. When assembling the rotating office chair we could convince ourselves of the robust processing and high quality materials. With over 25 kg It is difficult for the driver package to transport the disassembled products. The product weight provides stability, the chair is safe and balanced focus. The material of the seat and backrest is made of polyurethane. This plastic is known for its heat resistance and durability. Another important argument for PC users. The PU floor is open to non-static. as can be read in the review of a satisfied buyer, yellowed and not discolored the white leatherette even after several years. Due to the relatively short time of our testing, we can not verify this statement itself. From our experience with PU plastic we keep but credible.

The black turnstile made of 3.5 mm thick nylon is equipped with anti-slip zones. These prevent slippage of one's foot while relaxing and supporting. A convenient feature that the well-designed concept DX Racer6 makes clear. The 5 multifunctional roles the order 360 ° rotatable executive chair provide for a resistance-free, smooth operation. A determination is not possible, which is also our opinion does not make sense. The original wheels are designed for floors of all kinds. For sensitive or parquet floors it is recommended to underlay a special mat or a rug to protect from scratches. Alternatively, you can replace the multi-functional roles against others. All commercial swivel chair castors with 11 mm rods are suitable for DX Racer6.

Comfort and flexibility of the DX Racer6

Most can be compared with the sporty semi-bucket seat of a vehicle, the DX Racer6 from the F-series. Ergonomically designed chair for the sitter provides the necessary support. The effective width of the seat executive chair is approximately 44 cm. The place is sufficient, so that one does not feel concentrated and can move sufficiently. According Robas Lund gaming chair is a maximum user weight of 100 kg designed. Write some buyers that the rotating executive chair cope with a higher weight and loses nothing of its stability and the comfort. Whether this makes sense, everyone must decide individually for themselves. During our tests we found that the chair the relevant zones on the back optimum support. With heavy people this is not the case under certain circumstances, pain and tension are pre-programmed with high probability.

One thing can be over the DX Racer6 say with conviction: As for its flexibility, the swivel chair is hard to beat. The backrest of the model can be adjusted for example by up to 135 ° to the rear. In the last price identified position is located almost in the executive chair and it is frankly difficult to keep his eyes open. The product description somewhat confused. Here is the speech that the DX can Racer6 Reset by 180 °. This is a previous version. With his present function we were very happy and were able to temporarily detach from the office chair out hardly. Practically for napping in the office or for relaxed breaks during an exciting game session.

Ideal office chair with additional functions

The daily office stated at the back, a wrong sitting posture can cause permanent discomfort and pain. Of the DX Racer6 tried its equipment to compensate for this deficit. A common problem are desk chairs. have too large a distance from the working table. the approximately 28 cm long armreststhe executive chair of Roba Lundare adjustable in height and can be adjusted to the height of the desk. The function makes it possible to take a comfortable sitting position and to minimize the angle between the chair and the workplace. Who does not need the armrests, it can disassemble quickly and leave directly off the construction. The stability of the chair does not interfere with, but the personal comfort can suffer. A lateral adjustment of the backrest, as it is known, for example from the test winner DX racer1, is not possible with this model. In our gaming stool test we didnt bother. by adjustable seat height 43-52 cm can be adapted to one's own body size of the DX Racer6.

With the tilt function the executive chair supports dynamic sitting. A constant movement while sitting prevents physical ailments and trains the back muscles. Thus counteracts the flexible backrest of the DX Racer6 postural. The tilt function can not be limited or set up. To sit down and relax bear the additional black back and neck cushions at. These have no fixed on the backrest and relieve the high stress noticeable back zones.

DX Racer6 Conclusion

Of the DX Racer6 is a comfortable office chair. Its flexibility and variable adjustment of the executive chair is ideal for people who pursue many hours of sedentary activity. specified by the manufacturer with an average daily usage time of 3 to 4 hours, the DX Racer6 can be used over a longer period of time. The selected materials and the robust processing of the gaming chair stand out positively in the eye. Are the components bolted, there are no disturbing noises. For a few days we were able to DX Racer6 extensively tested and convinced us of its facilities and convenience. For this reason we speak of a strong buy recommendation. The price-performance ratio of the product is appropriate.


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