burning tongue

21 October 2017

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Burning tongue is an unpleasant and sometimes onerous hearing loss. Sufferers feel that the tongue burns, stings, itchy or sore. The burning tongue is often the only symptom. Similar problems arise in the oral mucosa of the palate or to the inside of the cheeks. Tongue and mucous membranes can thereby look quite inconspicuous. Therefore, it is often very difficult to make a diagnosis.

Burning tongue is a symptom, the cause of which can be both general medical conditions and stimuli in the mouth. Typical diseases that can cause the burning sensation on the tongue, include, for example:

irritation created mechanically, for example: Then sharp tooth edges or suppressing dental prosthesis are responsible for ensuring that the tongue is burning. The mucosa may also to certain foods or - an allergic reaction to the materials used for dental fillings - rare.

Often one plays psychological component an important role. Stress and anxiety can cause burning pain, enhance or ensure that they last long or be treated only with difficulty. In some cases, the symptoms mucosal and burning tongue are considered a distinct disease. Physicians then use the English term Burning Mouth Syndrome.

The first port of call for patients with burning tongue is often the dentist. In addition to a detailed discussion, it is important that the doctor's mouth and tongue mucosa looks exactly. Are visible tissue changes (for example, pressure sores) of the painful areas in the mouth before he can easily infer the causes. When suspicion of underlying disease are - depending on what the doctor suspects - other diagnostic methods (eg blood tests) is useful. This cause research at Burning tongue is so important because the therapy usually depends on the cause. It takes time and patience frequently disappear until the discomfort.


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