Diarrhea: What to do ?: What help home remedies?

21 October 2017

For mild diarrhea you can first try, diarrhea (diarrhea) treat yourself. Most intestinal complaints heard after a few days on their own. Home remedies can help in addition. Even with home remedies applies: Pull but definitely consult a doctor if:

Who has prolonged diarrhea, lose a lot of fluids and electrolytes. therefore drink much, for example (unsweetened) black tea or herbal teas like for example:

Would you like to fill your fluid balance with mineral water, be sure to take still water or shake the carbon dioxide in carbonated mineral water out. Because usually the intestine can not tolerate diarrhea carbonated drinks as well. Avoid also to whole milk, as this is likely too rich and not well tolerated in acute diarrhea.

One home remedy for diarrhea is also grated raw apple. Rub to 250 grams of raw, unpeeled apples on the fine grater or even better on a fruit or glass grater. Apple seeds and cores are removed beforehand. Rub the apples at every meal fresh and give a few drops of lemon on the porridge, the apple does not brown.

The included Apple pectin acts as a bulking agent, which thickens the chair. In addition, the pectin in the intestine to create a protective coating on the intestinal wall, so possibly existing bacterial toxins cause any damage.

Even carrots have a high pectin content - even cooked carrot soup is therefore a recommended home remedy for diarrhea. To do this, cut 500 grams of carrots into small pieces and cook them in a liter of water. then Puree the carrots in boiling water or pass them through a fine sieve. Enter the soup into a measuring cup and fill if necessary after so much water that you get a liter. Season to taste the soup with three grams of salt.

Generally you should the intestinal tract with diarrhea do not overextend - so avoid foods that are hard to digest, as much fat. Well-tolerated foods are:

Not suitable for diarrhea:


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