Depression: disease with many faces

21 October 2017

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For mild depression, the symptoms are fairly mild pronounced. The moderate depression, however, already represents a severe limitation in daily life - and in severe depression, the symptoms can be so severe that the person hardly is still able to do small things themselves. 

Depression can be felt in many different forms is beyond. Some people are, for example, depending on the season depressed: Then comes the episode of depression at certain seasons (typical example is the Seasonal Affective Disorder). And women can a so-called in the first weeks after childbirth Postpartum Depression develop (or postpartum or postnatal depression).

A single episode of depression is also called depressive episode designated. After a depressive phase up to 5 out of 10 of those affected within two years again develop depression (so-called. recurrent depression). If the symptoms of depression persist for more than two years, it is a chronic depression. it is also possible that a person is not fully recovered from a depressive phase, that is: She's doing better, but not as good as before depression (so-called. incomplete remission = Incomplete recovery). Is clouded permanently the mood, but not so heavy that you could speak of a depression, it is a dysthymia.

Acquired in childhood negative thought patterns increase the risk that depression can occur. The same applies to negative experiences with former caregivers, such as failures by the parents or violence. Such experiences often lead to rejecting yourself or develop a negative self-image. Sufferers tend to meet their environmental suspicious and pessimistic. As a result, they suggest themselves neutral events as something negative and as a confirmation of their pessimistic world view. You see a lot of dark glasses. New positive events that do not fit into their world view, they often do not perceive them as such. You get into a vicious circle, which they maintained through their negative view of the world.

Of the Handling failures is another important factor in the development of depression. Who is depressed, has experienced before depression often situations where it was not possible to influence the circumstances or control. The result is a feeling of helplessness. This feeling is reflected in depressed people in them reflected that they just behave very passive in dealing with problems. They do not see themselves in a position to influence their lives positively.

People who are particularly vulnerable to depression, tend in negative events to the reasons for this alone in himself to search. For example, they lose their job, they see the grounds for termination in their supposed lack of skills. Other explanations, such as the difficult economic situation of the company, they prefer not considered grounds for dismissal.

Last but not least diverse physical symptoms, for which no bit of physical cause can be found, be signs of depression. In addition to insomnia and loss of appetite these include approximately:

To diagnose depression, certain criteria must be met. The diagnosis is only "depression", if

Depression occur not only as a disease; they can also occur as a secondary symptom of various diseases, such as Alzheimer's disease and dementia and cardiovascular disorders and infectious diseases. To such diseases as causes of depression excluded, belong to diagnose whatever physical and neurological examinations.

To treat depression have mainly two therapeutic approaches proven:

The abbreviations SSRI and SSNRI stand for:

In a depression in addition to drug therapy also can psychotherapy help to overcome the disease. The psychotherapeutic treatment has to be replaced, among others, aims at reducing depressive behaviors and ways of thinking and positive.

To combat the typical depression activity and loss of interest and the associated lack of positive experiences, your therapist works with you to a more active Tagesstruktur. This includes deliberately incorporate enjoyable activities into the daily schedule. A regular and active daily routine is a great help for depression: It allows you to reduce your withdrawal behavior. You can re-gain useful experience and rediscover lost interests with increasing time.

If you have a depression, it falls to you at the beginning of therapy probably hard to make your life more active again. but by the time you feel likely that the activation Your mood lightens. To establish more satisfying relationships again in your social circle, you can (in psychotherapy communication exercises and role plays are used, where you can practice the positive interaction with other peoplesocial skills training).

Another point on which the psychotherapeutic therapy attaches, which is typically in depression negative thought patterns - This manifests itself, for example by a negative view of the world, through self-depreciation or self-doubt. Using psychotherapy can work out settings that are this way of thinking is based and determine whether it is consistent with reality. Then you can see how these settings affect your own being. Then you develop with your therapist realistic ways of thinking that your depressive thought patterns counteract and so offer ways out of depression.

If you particularly one serious have depression, it may be advisable to seek treatment at a clinic (stationary Therapy). Against minor or moderate Depression is usually sufficient one outpatient Psychotherapy out.

When the acute symptoms of your depression subsided are, it can also be helpful in a deep psychological treatment to causes of depression to further explain the reason: You and your therapist work primarily experiences from your childhood and youth and discuss current disturbances in social relations.
The Foundation German Depression Help is committed to the research of the disease and aims to improve the care of depressed people.
The German Alliance Against Depression e.V. wants to learn about the disease and improve the health situation of those affected.


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