Plantar warts (warts piercing): Treatment

21 October 2017

Plantar warts (warts puncture, plantar warts) need not necessarily be a therapy. Especially in children often disappear after a few years by itself (Spontaneous healing), usually with the onset of puberty.

However, they cause pain or are spreading, a therapy is useful. However, plantar warts are often stubborn and treatment is therefore usually lengthy - is therefore affected by Staying power asked.

Who wants to remove plantar warts, it can try to counter products from the pharmacy initially. If this does not work, a doctor's visit is attached. A self-treatment works it better, the smaller the wart is in general.

Under certain conditions, a self-treatment Not to recommend:

Keep in such cases before a self-treatment necessarily Consultation with the doctor - this is especially true for diabetics.

In the pharmacy receive different the counter means, which can help you to remove plantar warts, such as:

Of the doctor usually applies the following methods (individually or in combination) in order to remove plantar warts:


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